Stop smoking

This can be that changing point in your life

Neuro Linguistic Programming is noted  for having amazing results in the area of addiction.  If you have attempted to stop smoking previously or if this is your first time, don't worry as we can make this step as a final solution.

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Free initial 20 minute consultation

Get the Most out of Life

Contact me to discuss any of my sessions and get that first consultation for free.  This gives you a chance to get a feel of what I can offer and to ensure we are both comfortable to work together to help you get the most out of your life.  NLP and hypnotherapy can be life changing methods of therapy,  You can use many of these methods to continue to change your life.

Book a "stop smoking" session

Moving on

The decision to stop smoking is never easy, whether you have tried before or if this is your first time I can help you move forward.  NLP is an effective and quick way of supporting your journey to stop smoking.  Through the use of hypnotherapy and NLP I will support you as you seek the best way to achieve your goals.  A recorded hypnotherapy session is also part of this package which can be recorded to listen to at your own leisure.

Confidence Hypnotherapy session

Embrace Life’s Challenges

This hypnotherapy session can be bought as an extra session to boost your self confidence as you continue with your journey to stop smoking in a healthy and positive way.  It will also contain a free downloadable recording which you can listen to when relaxing at home.