Planning your wedding

Life just got a little exciting, as a second time around bride I do wonder how I will feel. My new sister in law told me that this is my year and not to allow the pressure that often occurs with weddings control how I feel. She is so very right, when the time comes to get married many people find that the whole process becomes a burden rather than a blessing. How do we get around that feeling? I truly believe that after everything that has occured due to the pandemic, those of us who have survived this awful time have to look at life differently. We need to enjoy everyday and look for the joy in life, see beyond our fears and doubts and embrace each step we take.

I have the privelege to have met a wonderful man, he makes each day special, in simple ways. We aren't the most gorgeous looking couple but we are truly grateful to have met and fallen in love, we are both teachers/educators and have lived full lives before we met. However, each day we are so glad we found each other and know that we are looking forward to being together for the rest of our lives. This may not be as long as some, but it has the advantage of knowing that I will have someone to share my years with and as we grow older we can learn to appreciate each step we share in this life.

If you're on this journey, the moments when friendship and love form two lives which want to be shared. Then hold onto the pleasure, fun and laughter you share, don't let the planning for the big day get in the way of this, most of all remember it is your big day where you commit to each other. You are doing this for each other and no one else, so make the day about both of you and not just about the bride looking lovely, this is about the moment you look into each others eyes and know you are truly together.

If the day is becoming too much to cope with and you're worries about planning, arranging and organising this event are reducing your joy, then please contact me to help with the stress and anxiety. I am happy to arrange a package of support which will help you have the techniques needed to feel calm, happy and relaxed on your very big day.

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