How a small decision can turn your life around

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

In January 2020 I was made redundant from a job I loved, it was my passion and until that moment I did not realise that I truly felt that my job defined me. I collapsed emotionally, I could not see a way forward, it is still a struggle some days to see this new path. BUT there is a new direction in front of me and it came from a decision made during those dark moments in my life. As an educator I always had a passion for the emotional and mental health of my students but also the staff who worked with me.

Out of this dark place I struggled to find professional help, under my work I was allowed 6 hours of counselling, it wasn't enough. I began to think how do I move on and in a sense save myself, I was so lucky to have a wonderful family who supported me and still do. It was time to turn my life around, even to turn it on it's head! I began to study hypnotherapy and then moved onto Neuro Linguistic Programming. My goodness what a difference this made, I took a step into a world I had never experienced before and I was truly amazed as I watched myself change, but even more as I watched others change too.

Don't be afraid of change, as they say - as one door closes another opens - how true! Although it is taking time I am on a pathway to a new me and I truly hope I can provide a pathway for many others looking for new start in life. Free from phobias, smoking or the anxieties which cause panic attacks, OCD, life traumas and many other life issues. We are in a moment in time when we can change our direction and make a new start in so many ways. I truly hope that you come on this journey with me!

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